Fibre concrete in the urban space

Fibre concrete

Beton fibré
Fibre concrete has changed a lot. For a long time depreciated, significant progress in material techniques have allowed a greater yield and the improvement of performances. This polymorphous material is without limits, made of a fibered cement matrix and has an infinity of possible forms. Its own exceptional mechanical properties allow it to be used for the most complex shapes, with thin layers.
A large variety of colours and textures allows every single development project to be unique. All our concrete are compliant with standard NF EN206/CN. Resistance tests are ongoing according to durability and optimal safety required for users.



MOBILUM presents an extensive range of colors. The shades available can be obtained by various procedures. The process-coloured fibre concrete may reveal slight differences from one product to another. An anti-graffiti protection is systematically applied on all our products.